Helping you find great Tbirds.

Helping you find great Tbirds.

As you seek the talent you need for your enterprises and organizations, why not consider candidates who share your Thunderbird perspectives and experiences?


You already know that Thunderbirds demonstrate unique abilities to adapt to ever-changing environments, tolerate high levels of ambiguity and explore their intrigue for other cultures. The Thunderbird Independent Alumni Association (TIAA) offers its own TIAA Resume Book as a collection to recruiters and hiring managers looking for this unique skillset. 

TIAA compiles the TIAA Resume Book twice annually as a service to members and friends of the TIAA. Thunderbird Master's level students and alumni who are members of the TIAA are invited to submit current resumes for inclusion. As you seek globally-minded candidates for internships, early-to-mid professional positions, team managers, management development programs, even senior-level and c-suite professionals, we here at TIAA hope this unique resume collection will become one of the FIRST resources you consult.  

Have an opening that demands a Thunderbird? Consider a fellow TIAA member! If applicable, share the TIAA Resume Book with your internal HR recruiters too.


TIAA Members who log-in here can view resume submission processes/guidelines.

In this Book, you will find resumes from Tbirds with varying level of professional experience. Formats are standardized to highlight global experiences and key hard/soft skills. This issue features improved searchability with seeker names listed by (1) target industry(ies) and (2) targeted business function(s).

  • Placeholder for August 2018 edition.

With a few exceptions, you will find cover letters and/or resumes for TIAA student members in these earlier Books with graduation dates from 2015 through 2018.


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