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This is a place where TIAA members gather to offer products and professional services to each other at discounted rates. To view the redemption details for any offer, first sign in to your member profile. Then return to this page and click on the offer you wish to see. To participate in this feature, TIAA members can email us at

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Offer: 50% off the production of a 1-minute animated marketing video (and more!)

By: Tolis Dokianos '01

What is "video marketing" and how can it take your business to the next level?  TIAA member Tolis Dokianos, ’01, founder and owner of Apex Video Marketing based in Zurich, Switzerland, educated the TIAA community on May 17, 2018. Watch the replay here.


Offer: 10% off Your Next Travel Adventure

By: Amit Badami, '89

Managing Director of Curious Kat's Adventure Club

View this 1-minute video to see the possibilities!


Offer: Up to 25% off Executive and Team Coaching

By: Julie Johnson '90

Founder and Director of Julie Johnson Consulting (JJC)

Among the most experienced coaches in Europe, Julie is passionate about how coaching can help leaders perform at their very best.


Offer: $5 off the purchase of the bestselling book MBA In a Day 2.0

By: Steven Stralser, Ph.D.

T-bird Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship and Founder of The Center for Professional Development.


Offer: 25% off Job Search Master ClassTM

By: Dana Manciagli '84

Career coach, speaker, blogger, and author of the bestselling Cut the Crap! Get a Job!


Offer: 10% off 360 Knife Block

By: Sara Leggett '15

Co-founder and COO of Design Trifecta


Offer: 20% off hand-crafted wines from Nimrod Wines

By: Nimrod Kovacs '77

TIAA Board Member and Founder of Nimrod Wines


Offer: 15% off book Natural Born Manager: A Handbook for Accountability Management

By: Ed Parr '77

Author and Program Management Expert


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