TIAA Conference DC 2018: June 9 Presentations

TIAA's Spring 2018 conference landed in Washington D.C. with a timely and relevant theme: "How will Global Trade Survive Politics and Populism?" Held June 9 at the National Press Club (, attendees enjoyed a speaker agenda that reflects the power of the Thunderbird brand and what it means to the global community. Speakers included Keynote Dr. Michael V. Hayden, Author Edward Alden, KORUS/TPP insider Tami Overby, foreign trade policy senior advisor Bill Reinsch and Liertenant Colonel James J. Jones of the US military. Topics such as "Trade Wars and the Global Trading Order: Change or Collapse?", "Power, Politics and Trade," "Geopolitics, Telemedicine and the White House Medical Unit,” and “Is US Trade Policy a Success or a Failure?” provoked deep discussions. And let’s never forget the mystique: the opening reception, breakfast, session breaks and the closing dinner offered incredible networking opportunities for all conference attendees. (329 images)

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