TIAA Weekly Newsletter - 11-19-2018

Published Monday, November 19, 2018

How TIAA will reinvest membership dues

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Waitlist available for TIAA table at World Vision NYC


Paying respect to the commitment and dedication of TIAA’s Members 

TIAA Donates $143,553 to Thunderbird for Scholarships


As has been recently announced, TIAA will be discontinuing operations. To that end, our Board has sought legal and tax advice on how best TIAA, as an Arizona based 501c3 entity, handle paid membership contributions.The total balance of membership dues TIAA has received is US$143,553. Paying respect to the commitment and dedication of TIAA’s Members is of utmost importance. Therefore, based on the advice received, the TIAA Board plans to show the continued support of the membership by contribute a like amount to Thunderbird to fund a scholarship called “The TIAA Scholarship”. We will request this scholarship be managed by the Dean and Director General of Thunderbird, Dr. Sanjeev Khagram.

We closed TIAA with the belief that alumni alignment was critical to Thunderbird’s future and we trust “The TIAA Scholarship” we are proposing here will further assist Thunderbird’s return to success and will be recognized as a valued contribution made possible by you, TIAA’s members. 


2018 TIAA Board of Directors

L-R: Knut Eriksen '81; Harry Cockrell '73; Merle Hinrich '65;

Doug Deardorf '84; Nimrod Kovacs '77; Will Counts '09

St. Brelades, Penang, Malaysia, October 2018



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Our website is not going way right way, so TIAA's online resources are still available to Thunderbirds. While viewing video replays require a TIAA username and password, you can find newsletters and past event photos at without having to be a member.

From the Main Menu (green boxes shown), here's how to find these resources:

NOTE: Penang Conference Speaker Videos Coming Soon.


Waitlist available for TIAA table. 

TIAA's World Vision sponsorship to help transform the lives of women worldwide 

On November 30, 2018 World Vision will host the 14th annual Strong Women Strong World Event in New York City.  Over 250 influential women and men will unite together to address the effect of extreme poverty on women and girls in developing communities with a focus on how World Vision – one of largest NGOs in the world – has the unparalleled ability to transform their lives so that they may live to their fullest potential, ultimately leading to healthier families, communities and nations across the globe.

TIAA is pleased to announce a partnership with TIAA Lifetime Member Kristin Weikel '99 to sponsor a table at this event to support an organization that transforms the lives of women around the world. Our seats are currently full, but we are forming a waitlist.  You can sign up here: This is TIAA's final event.


 For World Vision-specific questions:

Download a World Vision event agenda flyer here. 

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