TIAA Weekly Newsletter - 08-24-2018

Published Friday, August 24, 2018

TIAA Cocktails in Asia

First-ever Tbird Conference Panel in Penang

Global Trade Trends in the Trump Era (September TIAA webinar)


On the Road to Penang: TIAA visiting Hong Kong and Singapore 

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TIAA's Alicia Engel '16 and Thunderbird Office of Alumni Engagement’s Paetra Yates will stop in Hong Kong and Singapore en route to Penang, Malaysia. They are traveling to conduct preliminary planning ahead of TIAA's Fall 2018 conference, “Sustainability in Business: The Next Asian Revolution”, 4-6 October  2018 in Penang, Malaysia. TIAA is proud to partner with Thunderbird School of Global Management and Arizona State University to bring our alumni this terrific professional development opportunity. For Penang conference registration and information, visit

Before they land in Penang, Alicia and Paetra invite you to join Asia Tbirds and ASU alumni at two special pre-conference receptions: Hong Kong on 26 August, and Singapore on 28 August. 


Will you be in or near the area later this month?

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 T-birds Featured on Penang Conference Panel 

The speaker agenda for TIAA's Fall 2018 Professional Development Conference in Penang will feature something new: Moderated panel discussions. Multiple conference panels will explore topics related to our theme Sustainability in Business: The Next Asian Revolution. 

One of those panels will feature three T-birds: Ken Liffiton '10, Glen Wheatley, '88 and Wes Herche, '12 on a highly interactive and insightful panel discussion on Friday, October 5 in the afternoon at the UAB Building in George Town, Penang. This panel will be moderated by Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, Dean and Director-General of the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

This "T-bird Panel" is the first of its kind at a TIAA conference - and we are very excited to launch what could become a terrific conference tradition.  Meet our panelists and moderator below. 


  • Ken Liffiton ’10, MBA

Mr. Ken Liffiton is the Managing Director, Andafin, a firm that helps financial institutions across Asia and Africa reach the “next billion” customers. The company provides management consulting and cloud-based data analytics services that support banks and mobile money operators to responsibly grow their businesses through enhanced understanding of their customers, risk management, and progress toward financial and social targets. Ken is currently based in Vietnam, where his experience includes launching a digital financial services business and teaching MBA classes in corporate strategy.

  • Glen B. Wheatley ’88, MBA, MA

Mr. Glen Wheatley is the Managing Director, Best Solutions International Group, where, based on over 30 years of international experience in the challenges of innovating and adapting to industry disruption, he seeks to integrate diverse technologies, people and design thinking to increase sustainability for stakeholders.  Now based in Australia, Glen teaches postgraduate-level courses in entrepreneurship & innovation and corporate social responsibility at the University of Adelaide and the International College of Hotel Management.

  • Wesley “Wes” Herche ’12, PhD, MBA

Dr. Wesley Herche is the Associate Director of Research with the Global Security Initiative (GSI) at Arizona State University (ASU) and Senior Sustainability Scientist with the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.  Dr. Herche works as a liaison in fostering external partnerships with government, and private-sector entities, and philanthropic organizations. Before coming to ASU, Dr. Herche spent most of his career in the US Defense and Intelligence Community including the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).


Moderated by: Dr. Sanjeev Khagram,

Dean & Director-General of the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Watch this 15-minute video for an introduction.


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Take advantage of TIAA's Free Monthly Professional Development Webinars 

Maneuvering Through Rough Waters – Global Trade Trends in the Trump Era 

Wednesday, September 12 @ 9:00 am AZ Local time

The Trump Administration has set a course through rough waters, unleashing the disruptions to trade policy and trade flows the President had long been threatening. But where will it all land, and how soon? Will we return to familiar terrain, or a new and evolving landscape? Former U.S. trade official Bruce Hirsh of Tailwind Global Strategies LLC and TradeVistas will examine the latest trade developments and the new world that may result.


Join TIAA on Wednesday, September 12

9:00 am AZ / Noon EDT / 5:00 pm London / 12:00 am midnight HK on Thursday, 13 Sept

Register today.

AUGUST WEBINAR REPLAY NOW AVAILABLE: Alan E. Rosenfield "Investing in Today’s Global Chaos – It Ain’t Getting Easier!" From the TIAA home page, open the Menu, select Videos, then search for 2018 Webinars.

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