By April 30: Tbirds Sought for Anonymous Survey

Published Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Many of you have experienced this: Companies wanting to chart new growth opportunities without disrupting current revenue streams. Groups such as Entrepreneurial teams, ventures, innovation teams are cleverly carved out to focus on new, ‘radical’ innovative products, services, and markets, while the rest - established business employees - ‘get on’ with the day-to-day work of driving stable and incremental growth.


With a penchant for the non-customary, many of us Thunderbirds are familiar with this type of intrapreneurship, and can relate to how it can be vital for the company’s future competitiveness. As engaged as the innovation team is with the new initiative, however, the rest of the company sees that team as "off in a laboratory somewhere;" disconnected, and even resented for being exclusive.  When the change team implements the change, their efforts are met with resistance, apathy, tradition, or even outright rebellion. That's when good initiatives become bad memories, right?


My goal is to equip people doing this critical work, and the leaders making decisions regarding their organizations’ destinies, with the tools and support they need to deliver these transformative changes successfully. To that end, I'm conducting cutting-edge Ph.D.-level research with an incredible team of advisors at Case Western Reserve University, including Former Thunderbird Professor Robert Hisrich, and Case Western professor Kalle Lyytinen.



I'm seeking Thunderbirds who have participated in these "off in a lab somewhere" initiatives in organizations of 50 or more employees to complete a short (15-minute), anonymous, online survey. 


Respondents will be welcomed to request aggregated results at the end of this project for use with their own workplace innovation teams.


To participate in the survey, contact me at or by April 30.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Richard Bonaccorsi, '86

TIAA Annual Member


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