TOMORROW: June 2018 Monthly Webinar Registration Now Open

Published Friday, May 25, 2018

Global food security is defined as the conditions in which people have access to at least 2,100 calories per day. While global food security has improved over the past 15 years, the world faces present and future challenges. Where does our food come from? Who grows it? What is its impact on the environment? How can we feed the world’s growing population?  These are big questions, and the answers are not encouraging. By 2050, there will be as many as 10 billion mouths to feed, up from 7.7 billion today. Can our global food system expand to meet this increased demand?  TIAA member Jim Hershey, '84 and Executive Director of the WISSH Program at the American Soybean Association is working towards a solution. Join us on July 21st: Register today.

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