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Member Spotlight: Charles Berzon '86

Founder, ProSource Global Ltd.

It’s been nearly three decades since Charles graduated from Thunderbird, but his experiences from those days as a graduate student continue to resonate in both his professional and personal life. Charles still networks with fellow T-bird classmates, and he credits the entrepreneurial spirit, persistence, and resilience required to start his own business to lessons learned during those years at school. 

After a brief stint in the shipping industry that ultimately landed him in Hong Kong, Charles started his own company in 1991. His firm, ProSource Global, assists multinational clients with production management and secures qualified manufacturers in Asia for their products. 

During the early years, Charles specialized in the toy industry, producing for licensees such as Hasbro, Mattel, Bandai and others.  More recently, the company has branched out into consumer electronics, housewares, sporting goods, hardware, and a range of other product areas. 



Charles remembers that first day of work after incorporating his business.  That leap of faith in himself and his vision of what he wanted to accomplish in business drove him.  He recalls it being like rock tumbling over the edge of a chasm…”lean into it and take that first step forward.”  From there he adopted a “don’t walk; run” attitude.  There were days in the beginning when things were slow and he would tell himself: “The thing that would change this day from a poor, slow day to an outstanding day would be the arrival of a purchase order or a call from a new potential client. So, get up and get out and get it done.” 

Charles believes that perseverance and reaching outside of one’s comfort zone are key.  Charles adds that although it may sound contradictory, sometimes impulsiveness and not over-thinking leads to new avenues and opportunities.  And lastly, NEVER be afraid to fail. 

Charles resides in Newport Beach, California, with his wife, Susan, and their twins, Benjamin and Eva.  He travels back and forth to ProSource Global’s Hong Kong office frequently while managing client relationships with global markets in the US and Europe. 


More information can be found about ProSource Global Ltd. on the company’s web site

Connect with Charles here via TIAA's online alumni platform.



Special thanks to Spotlight Editor, Liz Peck '15, Team TIAA Volunteer Leadership, Spotlight Chair

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