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Scholar Award Cohort: Spring 2017

Ashley Knobloch '17

After serving four years in the U.S. Air Force, Ashley earned her BS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Arizona State University. She is currently completing thesis work for her MS in Human Systems Engineering during her first semester at Thunderbird.


Ashley has found the application of psychology, cognitive science, and human factors to be extremely valuable in the design of user-friendly, safe devices while working in the medical device and defense industries. Ashley wants to apply this interdisciplinary perspective to the business realm in product management, business processes, or marketing roles.

Tom Knobloch '17

Prior to entering Thunderbird School of Global Management, Tom Knobloch served honorably as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Tom is very passionate about people; he enjoys meeting new people, in new places, and is most certainly comfortable being uncomfortable. While pursuing his undergraduate degree in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Business Administration, Tom had the opportunity to lead teams in international SCM case competitions for General Motors. Mr. Knobloch was also chosen to take part in leading a consulting project wherein trends in the adoption of various Supply Chain Execution Technologies were identified and recommended to the client’s Executive Board based on strategic targets.


Mr. Knobloch’s dream in life is to leave whatever he is involved with in a better state than that in which he found it. He believes that this can be done through demonstrating humility and unrelenting will power in all that he does. Tom’s personal core values of integrity, loyalty, and dependability help guide his decisions. He strongly believes in always challenging the status quo and never settling for mediocrity. Tom believes that his previous successes have not been attributable solely to himself, but rather were the combined efforts of all who helped in bringing them to fruition.


As Thunderbirds, Tom believes that we must always push ourselves. In addition, Tom would be remiss if he did not mention the importance of tradition. As a Thunderbird, more than anything, Mr. Knobloch wants to ensure that our rich history as a school is always part of our decision-making and onboarding process. One of the most critical components, which makes Thunderbird and its “Mystique” so treasured, is the ability to remember, draw from, and reflect upon the unique history of our school. It is our job to keep the facts, traditions, and mission of Thunderbird alive today, so that it may continue to thrive many, many years from now.

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