Crossing Borders

The Social Impact of an $18 Latte

Posted by: Alicia Engel, EMGM 16, Contributor on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Columbian fíncas housing fields of Arabica - nourished by volcanic soil and sheltered by cloud-covered skies – sprout the berries that make Colombian coffee one of the most preferred across the world. Yet, 57% of those Colombian beans are produced by small-farm producers living at subsistence level while their developed-country roasters and retailers harvest the majority of profits. It’s a division of spoils that Karl Wienhold ’13 and C’pher Gresham ‘14 aim to rebalance. Is the trade-off between financial success and social impact truly unavoidable?  Read the full story.

Milton Friedman Was Wrong

Posted by: By Kent Dietemeyer, MBA 76, Contributor on Thursday, November 2, 2017

Most Thunderbirds acknowledge that each of us carries great responsibility to look after each other and the societies where we live and work. We are trained to be highly insightful and more sensitive to the world and its needs. And our global preparation provokes inherently broader and deeper demands to lend ourselves to compassionate community service. Unfortunately, quarterly shareholder demands - a lá Milton Friedman - can distract us from that calling.  Building his animal health and veterinary diagnostic laboratory in New Zealand and the South Pacific, Kent Dietemeyer, '76 sought a different path. Why does he advocate the value set you'll see every day in his actions, but not in his literature?  Read the full story here.

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